Top 3 Most Influential Visual Artists of All Time

Art historians have differed from time to time on who are the most influential visual artists of all time. Great artists mushroom and they get to perfect their signature works. These works have great impact on the field of art.

Top 3 Most Influential Visual Artists of All Time

1) Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564)

Some of the sculpture works of Michelangelo are still available in very high quality and flawless beauty. The works of Michelangelo have influenced several artists down the years. Art historians agree that Michelangelo is the most influential artist of all time from the renaissance age.

Michel Angelo is a celebrated Italian visual artist who practiced the Catholic religion. Some of his best works are the Pieta, Madonna of Bruges, the Creation of Adam, and David. They are available in museums across the world along with other pieces.

Michelangelo also designed some prominent architectural designs, for example, the St Peter’s Basilica in Rome which stood out perfectly.

2) Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

Picasso is identified as the founder of cubism and is among the most influential visual artists of all time. Pablo is a renowned painter, sculptor, ceramicist, and printmaker born to a painter. Some of the best paintings in the 20th century were created by Picasso.

Having attended some of the finest art schools in Spain, Picasso sharpened his skills and talent to the maximum. He rose to fame when he exhibited along with other 250 sculptors at the 3rd Sculpture International in America.

He produced a total of an approximated 50,000 artworks which included paintings, drawings, and sculptures. His technique and style of art stood out as it was exceptionally creative.

3) Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Leonardo is a renowned painter of Italian descent who has influenced most rising artists. He apprenticed to a renowned Italian painter from the tender age of eight.

He never got formal training as a painter; he only received training in the field of science which he was passionate about. He created workable artistic designs for bicycles and other machines running on physics mechanisms.

Leonardo only made a handful of paintings, but his influence in the field of visual art is immeasurable. He used a special technique of oil painting to make his paintings distinct.

Some of the best works by Leonardo da Vinci include Vitruvian man, the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, the Virgin of the Rocks, Lady with an Ermine.

The Top 3 Most Influential Visual Artists of All Time listed above are universally accepted by most art historians. Great visual artists are rising all around the world. These artists look up to the above listed visual artistic geniuses – take a look on this article about classification of fine arts.

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